This will be the most hardcore challenge we've ever done. But guaranteed, if you can stick it out for 50 days, your life will be changed in ways you never could have expected.

Take control of your body and your life.

A holistic approach for hardcore people.  

The ability to overcome any obstacle and do what you know it takes to make the change you seek.

GRIT:  noun

a mental toughness challenge.

follow the 10 daily nutrition, fitness & mindset best practices

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because It's nOT JUST about DIET & EXERCISE


You know you need to improve your diet and/or exercise, that's the obvious. Just knowing it isn't enough though, is it?

What's really stopping you from eating better, exercising more consistently, improving your physical and/or mental health, feeling like a million bucks, and living the life you want?

You might think it's stress, emotional eating, temptations, sugar cravings, fatigue, social pressures, time, money... but it's not.

If it were, then we'd all be in the same boat because everyone has some degree of these every day real life challenges. Life happens all.the.time to all of us.

The real culprit is the plethora of excuses you keep allowing these things to be in your life. (did I mention this is a get-real kinda challenge?)

Why grit50?

GRIT50 is a transformative mindset challenge that will help you overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of your goals.

Success guaranteed!

No commitment, we'll let you know when earlybird registration opens.

Without mental discipline and fortitude, eating well and moving your body consistently (amidst all life's roadblocks) would be an absolute grind.  You already know this, or you wouldn't be here.

GRIT50 is the platform to challenge your excuses, overcome your perceived obstacles, and build the mental performance it takes to be consistent with nutrition and exercise - no matter what day-to-day life throws at you. The best part -  you will look, feel and function more optimally than you've ever thought possible.  The grit you build throughout these 50 days will last a lifetime because you'll prove to yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS.  

BECAUSE Mindset is everything.


Because once upon a time, I was just like you.  Not comfortable in my body. Feeling disappointed in myself for letting it get to that point.

As a young, broke wife and mom with a thriving social life and a family history of addiction, I had a lot going on! I often hit the gym several times a week, but didn't feel like I 'looked the part'.  Other times, I'd go weeks without moving my body. I was kinda fit, but also kinda fat.  I often fasted until noon, ate chicken & lettuce for lunch, then felt exhausted and so hangry by evening, I'd self-soothe with non-stop snacking on chips and sweets.  

Many Mondays started with great intention and a plan, only to derail by the weekend and be back at square one by the next Monday.

Every failed attempt drained the confidence a little more... to the point that any real change seemed like a massive undertaking, both physically and mentally.

I was defeated and felt completely stuck. Everyday was a lost opportunity to be a healthier, leaner, stronger, and happier version of myself.  And it was embarrassing, to be honest. I was a pretty hardcore, successful person in other areas of my life.  Why couldn't I get my own nutrition and lifestyle on track, despite wanting it so badly?

There is such a deep discontent that comes from always breaking the promises you've made to yourself. It just wreaks havoc on the self confidence when your actions aren't aligned with your values.  


Coach Yvette

I can't tell you there was a singular pivotable moment that 'changed' everything for me. I just know that I kept on wanting to get out of my rut.  And at some point, I realized that the root of it all was not a lack of time, or my social life, or even all the stress.

The REAL PROBLEM was that I kept allowing those things to be excuses for every day that I chose not to eat well and take care of myself.

That realization was bittersweet. It meant I had to take full responsibility for my actions and for how I felt. Regardless of how busy, tired or stressed I was - ultimately I had the power to chose what I ate and how I lived my life.  

But it was also exciting - because taking complete ownership meant that I could change things around. And so I did. I dug deep and I slowly built the self-discipline, confidence, and mental fortitude to consistently take action that aligned with my goals.

As a result of prioritizing my own wellness, I felt less fatigued and less stressed, even though I was spending more 'time' focusing on myself!  Almost 20 years later I am still physically strong and healthy, and emotionally balanced and fulfilled.  

You can be too. GRIT50 is how.


BUILDing grit is key to achieving diet & exercise SUCCESS.

Here's what building grit looks like on the outside...

Matt, Calgary AB

Katharine, Calgary AB

Richard, Victoria BC

DD, Langford BC

But they'll all tell you it's what you can't see that has been the most life-changing.


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