Coming Fall 2024, the most HARDCORE challenge we've ever done!

You unapologetically want a fit, lean body that says "I'm an athlete!" But the workouts alone aren't doing it and starving, carb-restricting, fasting, and other crazy diet antics aren't working either. Oh friend, we're glad you're here. 

Our team draws from 25+ years experience and education that includes competitive athletics, holistic functional and sports nutrition, Crossfit coaching, certified adult education, and accomplished life coaching.  

If you are living in a body that doesn't feel aligned with your goals, We can help!

The best part - you won't be starving or miserable, and dare we say, you might even have a little fun!  

About Us

You hit the gym and eat pretty good (most of the time).

Your nutrition is up and down like a yo-yo! You're 'good' for a few days, but then tire of it, lose motivation, or life just gets in the way.  

You eat super clean and/or really light all day, only to snack non-stop in the evenings.

It's super frustrating that your body doesn't match your efforts; especially the jiggle around your middle that you feel has no right to be there. 

It takes a lot of work to lean out a little, but then it's all lost in just a couple days of taking your foot off the pedal.

sound familiar?

You feel lost as to how to solve this mystery and wonder if there's something more going on in your body.  

Likely all induced by the very tactics our diet culture has forced down your throat. A deprived body will not support your goals long term. Only a well-fed one will.  That's where we come in - to help you fuel your body so that it WORKS for you, instead of against you - in and out of the gym.

If you checked 3 or more of the above, we can help.

Inability to build muscle or shed unwanted body fat, poor performance and recovery, cravings and insatiable hunger are ALL signs of poor metabolic function.

Shawna R.

“The food on my meal plan is so good, even breakfast makes me feel like I’m being healthy, yet naughty at the same time!”

Matt H.

“17 lbs muscle gain in four months, for the first time ever I feel like I have a build.”

Nancy G.

“My deep mid-day crashes have been replaced with ‘joie de vivre’. I feel like a new woman!

Melissa S.

“Eating more and down 25 lbs in 5 months!”