88% of people who track their food intake for (just) 7 days lose weight 💥 

There are NO quick fixes, diet fads, elimination of entire food groups or starvation diets happening here.

You absolutely CAN optimize your nutrition to build your best body, in a way that feels as easy as brushing your teeth.

Hi, I’m Yvette, founder of Build Nutrition + coffee worshipper, ocean lover, and nutrient junkie.

Having spent 25 years working (and playing!) in the fitness industry, I've watched many competitive athletes and recreational fitness enthusiasts struggle to reach their goals – despite their efforts in the gym. I spent many years there myself. I was fit, but fat. Strong, but sick. Beyond frustrating!

Enter nutritional science with a holistic approach. 

Eating intentionally so that your body is satiated and thrives, that's the magic behind fat loss & performance!

Here’s how this works:

✓ We give you the tools & you do the things because now you 'get it'
✓ You start feeling better and seeing results, so you keep doing the things
✓ We keep you accountable when you struggle
✓ Your body starts working better & guides better choices
✓ You're building new habits & things become second nature

Meet Yvette. Once upon a time, she didn't know she was unwell until she experienced well. Through nutrition, she was able to heal from chronic IBS, hormone imbalances, sinus infections, and other ailments - all while competing at a pro level in physique/body building competitions. She's now passionate about helping others build the physique they aspire to, while enjoying optimal health and vitality, at any age and stage of life. 

Adam Davidson is our all-things-fitness and life coach extraordinaire! Adam’s background includes coaching in an array of arenas (Crossfit, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, hockey, swimming, and gymnastics). He’s also owner of Crossfit Lolo, a certified life coach, coach to Canada’s junior national champion in Olympic Lifting, a Crossfit Games athlete himself, and most recently ranked as the 11th fittest man in Canada!

Throughout her own health journey, Ashley had to work to overcome her own food issues and build a healthy relationship with her body. She’ll tell you it took years to learn how to use food as FUEL and not as a COPING mechanism, adding that it’s still a work in progress. Ashley’s authenticity and her passion to build a strong body and healthy mind is what makes her a perfect fit for the Build Nutrition team. 

Jay's military no-bull background, countless leadership credentials, and strong work ethic makes him a perfect fit for our action-oriented approach at BUILD, but it’s his genuine kindness and down-home way that our clients love most about him. Looking for week to week accountability and real-life strategizing to conquer your goals, Jay’s the man!

You need a nutrition BFF. Or five. 😂 At your service.



Ashley Casella

Jay Kapitaniuk

Founder & CEO

Fitness & Life Coach 

Nutrition & Fitness Coach 

Accountability Coach

Leesa earned her Master’s degree in Biomedical Toxicology and Nutrition, and later added a certification in Holistic Nutrition. Leesa doesn't leap to conclusions from minimal studies, but uses the science behind what we know and don’t know about foods, supplements, and lifestyle factors to help us safely and expertly serve our clients. Leesa ensures that the information provided to our Build community is reliable, current and unbiased.


Research & Science Advisor

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terri (44), calgary ab

"Education, inspiration and motivation. Yvette has always and continues to provide me with the foundation and support to be the healthiest balanced athlete possible."