New & improved nutrition GAME launching in October!

Work with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ to learn the ugly truth behind online macro calculators and finally understand what your body really needs to effortlessly stay lean and strong for life. 


This in-depth 1:1 personalized nutrition consultation is for individuals who want a qualified expert to guide them in learning more about calculating, consuming and tracking the optimal amount of macronutrients for their individual body and goals.

Before I tell you about Rx Macros, let's make sure it's a good fit for you.

Is This for you?

🏋️‍♂️ Dedicated Crossfitters & Gym Enthusiasts:
You hit the gym regularly but still don't feel like your body reflects your goals or your efforts.

🍏 Dieting but Not Seeing Results:
You've tried fasting, carb-cutting, low-calorie, or macro-tracking but so far nothing has been effective or sustainable.

🤯 Overwhelmed by Online Information:
You're confused by all the conflicting diet information or macro trackers online.

📊 Need Help Calculating, Adjusting & Tracking Macros:
Like calculating the right amounts for your individual body and goals weren't confusing enough, translating that to the plate and tracking it in real life feels like a daunting task, and is keeping you feeling stuck.

Sound familiar? You're in the right place!


By the end of this consultation, you will...

with the target range of calories, carbs, protein and fats for your individual body and goals

Have a personalized macro profile


and why getting them right is crucial to burn fat, build muscle, perform optimally and recover well

Understand exactly what the macros are 


for simple and delicious snacks and meal prep ideas, while leaving room for your favorite foods 

Have food lists & easy recipes


so you can leverage how your body uses your food for energy & building, rather than storing it as fat

Understand how when you eat matters too


to provide structure and show what the numbers look like in a day of real food

Have a sample meal plan 


Have options for tracking your macros

that work for your life and preferences (ps: online macro tracking NOT required, if that's not your thing!) 

Hi! I'm Yvette, Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ 👋

MEET Your macro maestro

Yvette Styner, RHN

"It's no wonder all my previous diet exploits never worked. Yvette is super passionate and engaging. She explains things with great detail and I learn well from her. More coaches should teach like her!"

Yvette's macros session literally changed my life!

Maybe I was your teacher for Sports Nutrition, Business Class, or another course during my 10 years teaching at the Cdn. School of Natural Nutrition.  I've worked, competed, and played in the fitness & nutrition space for over three decades now (yikes, does that make me old?)

At BUILD Nutrition, we have a 'build you up' instead of tear you down approach.  It is only when the body is well-fed that it can function optimally to support and sustain your weight loss and fitness goals - not when it's chronically deprived.

I can't wait to work with you, to help you avoid the pitfalls of fad diets and discover the magic of macro-based nutrition to help you build your best body, from the inside out.

Yvette is one of my favorite teachers! She is focused, engaging and knowledgeable.

Super passionate, and explains things with great detail. More instructors should teach like her. 

Love how Yvette draws on her own experiences. Very relatable.

Excellent pacing and mix of group work, discussion, videos, lecture, etc.

Yvette is clear and provides loads of information to help you work through the material.

This is like nothing I’ve ever done. The program is so in-depth and informative.

Amazing masterclass! So impressed with the value provided. Yvette is a fantastic teacher!

I’m learning so much in these sessions. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

Yvette is bubbly, caring, and makes learning enjoyable. Fabulous teacher! I learn well from her.

Plain and simple, if you've been struggling to reach your weight loss or fitness goals despite your efforts, this personalized consultation & education package will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, all for just Cdn. $500!

We're currently open for booking.

(but not for long!)


You'll leave your consultation with a 15+ page Personalized Nutrition Report with serving size guidelines, meal ideas, daily servings checklist, macro foods lists, and adjustment guidelines - everything you need to have the clarity and confidence to start dominating your nutrition!



This first and crucial step is SO important! You'll start by submitting an in-depth health intake and 7-day food log to us.  This is the first flaw with online calculators: they don't consider where you're at now. We need to get an accurate picture of how your body is currently being fuelled. How is your metabolism working (or not working) for you right now? Are there other things at play that may be contributing to your inability to shed fat, build muscle or feel good?


Rx MACROS includes 

ie: given your current activity level, the formulas suggest you should be eating about 2000 calories/day to support your weight loss goal (yes, total calories matter too). But for some time now, you've been averaging only about 1400 calories/day without losing any weight. Ding-dong! Clearly your metabolism isn't on fire and for many reasons (which we would discuss at length) increasing 600 calories/day in one fell swoop is NOT a good idea.  

This is why you need a human expert (moi 👋) to take the time to get to know you and your body, calculate your goal calories and macros, and then interpret and adjust those numbers to best support you.


Once we've had time to review your health intake and food log, we'll get to work for you behind the scenes calculating the numbers and exploring strategies that'll support your goals. Then we meet up for our 1.5-2 hour one-on-one education session (in-person or online zoom) to dive into your personalized macro profile, answering any questions you have and ensure you feel confident applying everything into your real life. This includes:


discussing the reasons behind the numbers (expect a little sciencey education here - because the more you know, the more you do!)
reviewing your sample meal plan and recipes and discussing how to substitute other foods you may like
determining how to time your nutrition to optimize your results, while fitting within your personal lifestyle and schedule
finding the tracking solution that'll work best for you (macro-tracking is one method, there are others)
discussing how to track your progress going forward and understand when and how to adjust your numbers 



Rx Macros is a 1:1 session that comes with the development of fully customized-for-you macros, by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ coach who specializes in Sports Nutrition.  In your 60-90 minute private session, we'll thoroughly go over your personalized plan and answer any questions you have.  Lastly, it includes a comprehensive take-home educational pack to help you implement your macros.

Burning questions your fellow Crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts asked before decoding and dominating their nutrition with Rx MACROS...


Absolutely YES!  Before your consultation, you'll be required to submit an in-depth health history intake form and a 7-day food log to me for review.  I'll use this information to calculate precisely not only your personal macro profile, but include any other recommendations (supplements, hormone-support, stress mitigation, etc) that I identify is required to support your goals.

Burning questions your fellow Crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts asked before decoding and dominating their nutrition with Rx MACROS...


Yes!  We use a powerful app available on desktop and mobile called Practice Better and you get FREE access to it for life!  It has a macro-tracker / food journal that our clients prefer over myfitnesspal, as well as loads of other tracking features like fitness tracking (sync with Apple and Fitbit), progress picture and document uploads, stats analytics, and more.

Burning questions your fellow Crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts asked before decoding and dominating their nutrition with Rx MACROS...


We provide you with a sample one-day meal plan that matches your personalized calorie and macro targets, to demonstrate what your numbers look like in a day. This meal plan will be either for the meat-eater, vegetarian eater, or vegan eater (depending on your preference).  We'll then go over how to make substitutions or mix things up to meet your needs/preferences.  Additionally - because our goal is always to find the solution that'll work best for you - if a structured 7-day meal plan is what you want, we'll source one that fits your needs for you!  

Burning questions your fellow Crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts asked before decoding and dominating their nutrition with Rx MACROS...


That’s a firm nope. Macro tracking is a highly effective and informative way to eat intentionally, and we believe the best way for you to learn when using it intermittently for educational purposes. But it is only one way, there are others. You could also follow a structured meal plan that fits your target ranges, or you can monitor portion sizes or use hand serving sizes. We'll be discussing these other options in our session together to find the right tracking method for you. 

Burning questions your fellow Crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts asked before decoding and dominating their nutrition with Rx MACROS...


We're proud to be able to provide the Rx MACROS as a one-and-done offer, to ensure you have the clarity and confidence to start safely and effectively dialing in your macros - without the added expense associated with a longer term coaching commitment. But if working together longer term is for you, or you'd like the option to include follow-ups sessions, we'd be thrilled to chat about this in our Rx Macros session together!

Burning questions your fellow Crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts asked before decoding and dominating their nutrition with Rx MACROS...


💯% YES!  This is exactly why it's so important to us that everyone has the ability to work with a HUMAN macro calculator, because we must consider your individual physiology, current state of health, goals, activity level, even your food preferences, family environment, whether or not you're able to have a sit-down lunch on your work day...  It all matters when it comes to creating a personalized plan that works for YOU.  Both your numbers and general recommendations will be completely personalized for you. 

Burning questions your fellow Crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts asked before decoding and dominating their nutrition with Rx MACROS...


Hey macros aren't everything...

But they are one of our 3 key pillars of sound nutrition (food quantity, quality and timing) and are essential to get right - not only to support your specific weight loss or fitness goal, but also to avoid adaptive thermogenesis, hormone imbalances, excess nervous system stress, and other things that can sabotage your efforts.

I've seen far too many frustrated fitness enthusiasts fall victim to extremes or fad diets.  It never works. That's why we always start with macros in our work with clients.  

If you're still struggling to achieve the results you want despite your workouts and your many diet attempts thus far, or you've totally checked out of the nutrition game because it's all just become too overwhelming and feels like a constant battle, this is FOR YOU, my friend!

Rx Macros will help you build a foundation of knowledge that will inform your nutrition for the rest of your life, so you don't have to keep macro-tracking or battle it forever!

What do you say?  Are you ready to decode and dominate your nutrition with Rx Macros?

I can't wait to meet you, teach you, and cheer you on as you dial in your macros and start crushing your goals!