New & improved nutrition GAME launching in October!

Flexible and fun monthly nutrition challenges that make being consistent with your nutrition as easy as pushing buttons!

Macros, diet plans, meal prep... even the most personalized and expertly developed plans are only effective IF you follow them. Consistently.  I know this, I've done hundreds of 'em!

Enter HABITS. Yeah, they're not as sexy sounding as carb-cutting or intermittent fasting. But trust me, they work. And last longer.

Information is only as good as your ability to implement it. 


Habits (good ones) make it possible to keep taking supportive action - even when life around us isn't. 

Maybe you've signed up for online programs before. You're excited to dive in, but when the first e-mail lands in your inbox you're busy — so you flag it for the weekend.

Weekend arrives, and you don't get around to it. A month goes by, and you're only reminded about your online course when another email pops up. Great. More information to weed through!

Hello, overwhelm. Goodbye, hot body for another month.

The problem with most nutrition programs — they're boring as heck. 

It's Sunday morning and you're enjoying your coffee after catching some extra zzz's. It's one of those times that you THOUGHT you'd commit to reading your next course module. But you're playing Wordle and swiping through Instagram. Hours feel like minutes, because let's be real — those little dopamine hits while you're scrolling are addicting.

Imagine if crushing your nutrition was THAT easily!


You must be INTENTIONAL with your eating (nothing becomes intuitive without intention first).

The most successful 'dieters' are not those who practice extremes for a short time (ie: carb-cutting, fasting).  Rather, it's those who consistently implement BASIC nutrition best practices (ie: eating adequate veggies & protein each day, hydrating optimally).

The all-or-nothing mentality never works long-term; rather it is mastering one small but solid HABIT at a time that leads to big transformation.

This one's not my own, but it really resonates!
"Scientists have discovered that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain, unless it is done in PLAY, in which case it only takes 10 to 20 repetitions."  - Karyn Purvis

After coaching hundreds of clients, HERE'S WHAT I AM most certain OF about nutrition:

Or keep scrolling for more info on all the ways that the Lunchbox will FINALLY help make nutrition effortless for you. 

Lunchbox checks all the boxes!

If you're ready to start consistently implementing all the SIMPLE things you know are gonna move the dial for you, sign up for Lunchbox now!

You kinda know what to do, your bigger challenge is actually doing it.

You're pretty comfortable with using a mobile app and like pushing buttons.

You're looking for a budget-friendly way to start crushing your nutrition goals.

You might be a little competitive (who doesn't like winning prizes?!)

Your nutrition is so off-track, you have no idea where to even start (hey no judgement here, we've all been there).

You definitely want fully personalized nutrition coaching support, and have the capacity to invest in it.

Your nutrition is on point, but you're dealing with a special condition that needs a more comprehensive approach.

You're too shy or private to participate in anything online where other people are involved.


"I'm doing things every day that I never did a couple of months ago, without even thinking about it."

Matt H.

“17 lbs muscle gain in four months, for the first time ever I feel like I have a build.”

Nancy G.

“My deep mid-day crashes have been replaced with ‘joie de vivre’. I feel like a new woman!

Melissa S.

“Eating more and down 25 lbs in 5 months!”

Learn how to calculate, prep, and track your own individual protein targets for your goals.

We teach you the how & the why with the many DIY resources included (hello reduced cravings and stronger muscles, goodbye belly fat).

Everyday that you hit your protein targets, collect a point in the app for it!

The month's mission is to eat at least 3 cups of veggies each day (we all know we should be eating more).

As usual, we'll be dishing out daily tips, tools, and the why's in the mobile app.

Every day that you hit the veggie mission, push a button & collect a point.  Hello dopamine, hello new habit, hello chiselled abs.

Finally understand how much you should be eating for your individual body & goals.

There's a lot of science and a little nuance behind customizing macros for your individual body, goals, diet preferences, and even your lifestyle. 

We dish out the evidence in a simplified self-guided workbook for you - yours to keep, as soon as you join Lunchbox.  This in additional to the many sample meal plans, checklists, recipes, and other goodies to help you crush the monthly challenges!

Or you can sign up for the Lunchbox to build the small, but mighty daily habits that'll last a lifetime.

You could stick with the all-or-nothing diet trains that never last more than a week...

This method is really good for me.  It doesn't feel like I'm dieting, but things are changing! 

You could stick with the all-or-nothing diet trains that never last more than a week...

Kelly S

That's less than $42/month!

Rants & reviews...


Lunchbox is a series of monthly nutrition challenges that focus on fundamental nutrition habits (ie: drinking enough water, hitting your protein targets, or practicing mindful eating). Each fundamentally supports any goal at any level (whether weight loss or optimal performance, newbie dieter to elite athlete), because optimal occurs with consistent implementation of good essential nutrition best practices. Lunchbox helps you build those habits in a gamified way that makes it fun and reduces our natural tendencies toward the all-or-nothing mentality that so often sabotages our efforts.


Absolutely YES! We’ve packaged up the exact process we take our 1:1 clients through when personalizing their own macros, calories or meal plans & have put it all in a self-guided workbook for you! You get this bonus ‘Ultimate Macros Toolkit’ immediately upon registration, as well as sample meal plans to show you what the numbers looks like on the plate - for both carnivore and vegan diets.


That’s a firm nope. Macro tracking is an effective and educational way to eat intentionally. But it is only one way, there are others. You could also follow a structured meal plan which has been developed with your approximate target amounts, or you can monitor portion sizes or using hand serving sizes. There are lots of ways to eat intentionally to support your personal goals, including just focusing one by one on the monthly habits you’ll be building in the Lunchbox.


Absolutely! Your bonus Starter Success Pack available to you immediately upon registration contains sample vegan and vegetarian meal plans, and all include calorie and macro ranges so you know how much you’re eating too. Many of our recipe ebooks are plant-based, and one of the monthly missions is all about eating more plant-based foods!


Hey if you’re a little shy, that’s okay. Participation is optional and I promise, we will not chase you down! The points scoreboard is there to motivate you, not scare you - so whatever works for you, my friend. If you’d rather just hang out and enjoy the resources and education we share every month, that’s totally alright.