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Looking for more gritty details? Here you go...

  1. no alcohol
  2. no refined sugar (or processed snacks)
  3. minimum 2 lt water daily
  4. minimum daily protein (1 gram per pound of goal body weight)
  5. minimum 2 cups veggies daily


Further details & support for each action is provided in the starter pack resources (macros calculator, meal plans, etc.) available immediately upon registration.

  1. minimum 30 min. workout 5x/week (can be cardio, weights, yoga, hiking, swimming, etc. as long as it breaks a sweat!) NOTE: at least 3 of these sessions must include strength training.
  2. minimum 30 min. lifestyle activity outside each day (ie: walking, golfing, gardening), in addition to the above noted workout. Yes, this means you are committing to at least 1 hour for yourself almost every day. Plan for it, you're worth it!
  3. maximum 60 min. sitting at a time (must get up on your feet for at least 3 minutes every hour)
  1. MSR (morning success routine) of your choice daily 
  2. ESR (evening success routine) of your choice daily 

One must include consuming the short daily coaching grit tip email.

mindset x2

movement x3


THE grit Scoring

Collecting points for taking action and tracking your progress is completely optional and on the honour system.

But we highly recommended it!  This is the external accountability that studies show significantly increases your success.  And hey, that's why you're here!  Plus we love celebrating your success, so please track and share your progress with us!

For each of the 10 daily actions successfully implemented, award yourself 1 point. 

Use this TRACKER to check off & tally each day.


Everything you need to ensure you're set up to succeed - a massive library of expertly developed macro calculator worksheets, sample meal plans, healthy & easy recipes, meal prep tips, sample workouts, and more - all available to you immediately upon registration.  

THE grit Support

You'll have all the resources you need to crush these 50 days!


This may be a DIY program, but we've made sure you have a coach in your ear every day! Short informative tips and evidence-based tools delivered straight to your inbox daily ensures you have the nudge you need throughout to build the perseverance to see this through.


Get coaches' eyes on your progress when you share your tracker in the Facebook group each week (optional of course, but highly recommended - because being accountable to someone else helps you build the grit you need to be accountable to yourself).  

Extra support

Follow the 10 daily grit-building actions consistently for 50 days, and we guarantee you will not only see physical changes in your body, but your life will be changed in more ways than you can imagine. 

transformation is guaranteed.


GRIT50 sounds a bit like the 75Hard challenge or other ones.  How is it the same or different?

Still on the fence?



Great question! There are some similarities. However, we take it a step further in the level of expertise and support provided throughout. Here's how GRIT50 is different:

GRIT50 brings not only personal experience with nutrition and lifestyle transformation, but also professional expertise. It is developed and delivered by our Registered Holistic Nutritionist™, Yvette Styner, who has over 25 years of experience educating and coaching in fitness and nutrition.

"Follow a diet (any diet)" is one of the daily 'rules' in some other challenges, but no specific recommendations are provided.

In GRIT50, we actually provide the diet options for you.  We have the expertise to recommend what you need to safely, effectively and sustainably dial in your nutrition for your own unique body and goals. Let's face it, nutrition is a major piece of a challenge like this. Anyone can starve themselves for a few weeks and see results, but having trusted direction with nutrition is crucial to your longterm health and success.  

Varied levels of accountability and support are always available throughout your GRIT50 challenge, from weekly scorecard sharing in the Facebook group to additional direct 1:1 coaching if desired.

Further, we are with you every day of the challenge with our daily grit tips delivered straight to your inbox - to help keep your head in the game throughout.  It's like an advent calendar for nutrition and mindset! 

There's no all-or-nothing mentality in GRIT50. Unlike others, perfection is not mandatory and all is not lost if you don't do all the things every single day.  Instead, we encourage you to strive for your best each day.  GRIT50 is about building new habits that last a lifetime.  It is not just about the  outcome, rather it is process focused. The benefit: this approach typically leads to better outcomes too 😉



Is there any personalization or 1:1 support included in GRIT50?
GRIT50 is entirely an online DIY challenge that provides all the tools and resources to determine your own unique needs. However, our coaches are accessible regularly in our Facebook group for general Q&A.  Additionally (and this is the best part!) if you'd like a little extra personalized 1:1 support at any time during the challenge, you can book your private online 1:1 coaching session with coach Yvette (availability dependant) and save 20% off the regular cost of 1:1 coaching.



Is GRIT50 an online challenge?
Yes it is. All resources are available on a private member-only webpage that we've created just for you!  You'll find everything you need here. You'll also have access to our tracking app (optional to use) and the Facebook group with general Q&A and support. Lastly, a quick-read grit tip is sent directly to your inbox each and every morning of the 50 days to help keep your head in the game.  It's like having a coach in your ear daily!