88% of people who track their food intake for (just) 7 days lose weight 💥 

Whatever level of support you need, we're here to help.

Strength and conditioning athletes of all ages and levels (yup, beginner to competitive, pre-natal to menopausal, Crossfit or physique athletes), our certified and experienced team can help you master your nutrition and reach your physique/performance goals.

"I think I found my thing. I really needed someone to tell me it's okay to eat more. This feels right, not like a diet. It's just my life now."


Crush your goals when you build consistency in habits with the Lunchbox's fun & flexible monthly nutrition challenges.

✔ You need trusted information & digestible instructions

✔ You need your motivation & accountability to last more than a week

✔ You like clicking buttons and winning (hello dopamine!) 

It's time to check in on yo-self... and have fun doing it!

for you if:

ready to roll? WE Like you already.

A twist on DIY NUtrition

ready to roll? WE Like you already.


Let’s hop on a no-commitment call to get clarity on where you’re at now, where you want to be, and what’s holding you back. Then we can chat about what route feels best for you.

We're your all-in coaches, unlimited access available

The goal of Body Composition Testing is to ensure your nutrition &/or exercise efforts are working!

✔ You want to shed some body fat without losing your hard-earned muscle

✔ You want real data to guide your nutrition & fitness programming

✔ You want to ditch the dreaded scale that lies to you every day

See what you're made of.

for you if:

In THE VICTORIA AREA & curious about a body scan?

"I finally feel like I have a 'build'."
(after losing 55 lbs body fat & gaining 14 lbs muscle mass)

matt h, calgary CA