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We're here to help you build your BEST BODY.

We help Crossfit enthusiasts and strength athlete clients of all ages and levels (yup, beginner to competitive) build personalized nutrition strategies, systems and habits for real life – so you can achieve and sustain your physique, performance and health goals.

"Education, inspiration and motivation.
BUILD has always and continues to provide me with the foundation and support to be the healthiest balanced athlete possible."

terri (44), calgary ab

The goal of the Lunchbox is to make optimal nutrition effortless — so you can consistently do the things you know you gotta do to build the body you want to live in.

✔ You need your motivation & accountability to last more than a week

✔ You like clicking buttons and winning (hello dopamine!) 

 ✔ You want to test us out with a low cost & commitment option

It's time to check in on yo-self... and have fun doing it!

for you if:

ready to roll? WE Like you already.

The goal of Body Composition Testing is to ensure your nutrition &/or exercise efforts are working!

✔ You want to shed some body fat without losing your hard-earned muscle

✔ You want real data to guide your nutrition & fitness programming

✔ You want to ditch the dreaded scale that lies to you every day

See what you're made of.

for you if:

In THE VICTORIA AREA & curious about a body scan?


Let’s hop on a no-commitment call to get clarity on where you’re at now, where you want to be, and what’s holding you back. Then we can chat about what route feels best for you.


"I have such a better understanding of nutrition and food now that I would have never had if I didn't have 1:1 coaching. I appreciate everything they did for me. I've built habits that are going to stay with me for the rest of my life."